General Instructions
  • Log in to Dues Clearance System using the CC User ID and Password.
  • If you are Not Graduating; please do not use the Dues Clearance System.
  • Please make sure that all the columns of all departments/Section bears 'No-Dues' in the No Dues Status and Remark columns. If there is some amount/dues appearing in any of these columns, please clear the same from the concerned department/section.
  • If you have availed any loan from the Bank (SBI), please meet personally or write to the concerned person of the bank. In turn they will give you a slip after completion of the Bank formalities. Please send the scanned copy of the slip at
  • Instructions for SBI Dues Clearance: Kindly go through the instructions available at Verify
  • Once the columns of all departments/sections shows as "No-Dues", concerned official from DOAA office will clear the dues, an auto-generated email with an electronically generated 'Final Dues Clearance Form' as a PDF attachment will be send to you.
  • You are required to submit your Health Centre Booklet and ID Card in the ID Cell. ID Cell will give no dues only after you have submitted the booklet/ID Card.
  • If you are M.Tech/Ph.d. Student, please make sure that you have done the following :
    (a)Thesis copy should be submitted to Library and to the Thesis guide after the defence is completed.
    (b) Email Id of Thesis Guide is correctly updated in the No Dues Page.
    (c) BT/MT Dual degree students should be apply for NO-DUES through their PG roll no only.
  • For No-Dues related to DORA office, please write to
  • For Bank No-Dues, please write an email at: SBI IIT, UBI IIT Kanpur:, ICICI IIT Kanpur:
  • After completion of dues Clearance from all the indicated departments/sections, please email your bank no-dues clearance at
  • Mozilla Firefox(70+), Google Chrome(70+) and Safari on MacOSX(12+) browsers are recommended to access the portal.
  • Please enable JavaScript in your browser.