General Instructions
  • Log in to Dues Clearance System using the CC User ID and Password.
  • If you are Not Graduating; please do not use the Dues Clearance System.
  • Please make sure that all the columns of all departments/Section bears 'No-Dues' in the No Dues Status and Remark columns. If there is some amount/dues appearing in any of these columns, please clear the same from the concerned department/section.
  • Once the columns of all departments/sections shows as "No-Dues", concerned official from DOAA office will clear the dues, an auto-generated email with an electronically generated 'Final Dues Clearance Form' as a PDF attachment will be send to you.
  • For No-Dues related to DORA office, please write to
  • Instructions for SBI Dues Clearance: Kindly go through the instructions available at Verify
  • For Bank No-Dues, please write an email at: SBI IIT, UBI IIT Kanpur:, ICICI IIT Kanpur:
  • After completion of dues Clearance from all the indicated departments/sections, please email your bank no-dues clearance at
  • Mozilla Firefox(70+), Google Chrome(70+) and Safari on MacOSX(12+) browsers are recommended to access the portal.
  • Please enable JavaScript in your browser.
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